Why You Don’t See Ray Liotta Onscreen Anymore

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  Why You Don’t See Ray Liotta Onscreen Anymore

Martin Scorsese is known for working with a core stable of actors: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Leonardo DiCaprio have all appeared in multiple Scorsese movies. So far, however, Goodfellas is Liotta’s only Scorsese film. In 2018, Business Insider asked Liotta about not getting a spot in Scorsese’s upcoming film The Irishman. “I guess I wasn’t really their cup of tea,” he shrugged. “I have never really done a movie for him since [Goodfellas].”

Pressed a bit further, Liotta elaborated. “The parts were just never right,” the actor said. “I have seen every movie that [Scorsese’s] done and I can’t say, ‘Oh, f—, I should have been doing that.’ Like, Wolf of Wall Street — who am I going to play?” Liotta said he had a shot at a role in 2006’s The Departed, but he was already committed elsewhere. When asked which role it was, Liotta answered simply, “Ah, it doesn’t matter.”

It’s easy to speculate — considering Liotta’s words on what he’s like on the set when he isn’t playing a nice guy – that the actor may have rubbed someone the wrong way while making Goodfellas. But without anything else to back it up, it’s a little too easy. After all, when you remember how many crime movies Scorsese’s made, you have to imagine an actor simultaneously playing a jerk and being a jerk is something the director has plenty of experience with.

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