What You Never Knew About Kat Von D

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 What You Never Knew About Kat Von D

In 2021, Kat Von D released her debut album, adding to her long list of achievements. As the star explained to Rebellious Magazine, the album was a long time coming. “I’m excited because I wrote this album about 10 years ago and I just kept putting it on the back burner because we were filming the TV show and doing book tours and all that stuff,” she said. Apparently, she was just too busy to give the album release the attention it deserved.

Nevertheless, even though the album didn’t see the light of day for a decade, Von D still felt that her music was an important part of her creative process. “I think a lot of people know me for tattooing and makeup and things like that, but I feel like music has always been the force behind all of it,” she explained.

Luckily, 2021 proved to be the perfect time for the delayed album. Presumably because of the pandemic, she had time to plan the tour and focus on the album release.

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