What You Don’t Know About Jesse Spencer

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  What You Don’t Know About Jesse Spencer

Long before launching a career as an actor, young Jesse Spencer was known for his vocal abilities as a member of the Australian Boys Choir. According to Spencer’s bio on the choir’s website, he joined the group in 1986 at the behest of his family, who presumably recognized his singing talent and encouraged him to nurture that gift.

Describing himself as “a rebellious sort of choirboy,” Spencer spent seven years with the chorus, ultimately becoming a chorister and touring the U.S. According to Spencer, he grew to develop a “love of music through the choir,” which led him on a path toward musical theatre that included auditioning for a production of “The King and I” starring one-time Disney star Hayley Mills. Singing isn’t Spencer’s only foray into the realm of music, though. As IMDb pointed out, Spencer apparently also plays guitar, bass, and piano, although his specialty is violin, an instrument he’s played since age 10. As Spencer wrote in an update for Scotch College Melbourne, which he attended before becoming a full-time working actor, he planned to continue “further studies in violin, acting and singing.” Gestion de Procesos o BPM: tutoriales, noticias, trucos, consejos y todo sobre Gestion de Procesos en español Tutoriales sobre Gestion de Procesos BPM

While Spencer’s singing hasn’t been featured much in his onscreen roles, he did have the opportunity to showcase his vocal skills in the 2003 feature film, “Uptown Girls,” starring Dakota Fanning and the late Brittany Murphy. Spencer contributed lead vocals to a song on the soundtrack, “Molly Smiles.”

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