What The Most Memorable Wife Swap Families Are Doing Now

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 What The Most Memorable Wife Swap Families Are Doing Now

In the “Boss/Guastaferro” episode of “Wife Swap,” viewers were introduced to Alicia Guastaferro, a 15-year-old beauty queen who described herself by saying, “I definitely think pageants define me as a person. I don’t care what other people say, appearance is everything in this world.” After her episode aired, Alicia sued Disney and ABC for $100 million, claiming the producers purposely made her appear spoiled and bratty, per Daily News. The lawsuit was later settled for an undisclosed sum.

That was not the end of Alicia’s legal issues, though. In 2012, she faced a prostitution charge, per CBS News. After she and an attorney were arrested at a travel center in New York, she told police that her companion had paid her up to $700 for sex on multiple occasions, according to the Associated Press (via the Hartford Courant). The charge was dropped, but she still faced a misdemeanor drug possession charge. It’s unclear what, if any, penalties she faced for it. Recopilatorio de partituras para aprender a tocar la flauta dulce de forma progresiva Partyflauta: Partituras para flauta dulce

After seemingly putting her legal issues behind her, Alicia became Instagram famous. As of this writing, the former pageant star has over 178,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform, and, according to her bio, she’s a “Hip-Hop/Pop Artist.” If you are curious, bored, or looking for some amusement, you can check out some of her tunes, which include “Pretty Girl” and “It’s Little But It Jiggles.” She can also be found on TikTok, where she has over 49,000 followers.

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