What The Cast Of The O.C. Looks Like Today

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 What The Cast Of The O.C. Looks Like Today

Willa Holland, a huge fan of The O.C. even before she was cast, was brought on to the show’s third season to take on the role of Kaitlin Cooper, becoming a regular fixture in the fourth season following Marissa’s death.

After the show, Holland stuck mostly to stuck-up teen roles, first signing on to a multi-episode guest arc as a rebellious model on Gossip Girl, created by The O.C.‘s Josh Schwartz, before landing the lead role of Thea on The CW’s Arrow. Although Thea has grown a lot throughout the series, even taking on the vigilante moniker Speedy, she started out as basically a Kaitlin Cooper clone without any of the cash issues, so Holland didn’t have to do all that much work to find her jumping off point.

Outside of Arrow, on which she has starred for five seasons, Holland has also appeared in Garden Party (the feature film debut of future mega star Jennifer Lawrence), the Judy Blume adaptation Tiger Eyes, the James Marsden thriller Straw Dogs, and, more recently, the love triangle thriller Blood in the Water. She is also well known for lending her voice to the Kingdom Hearts video games series as Aqua, and has appeared in a few music videos. 

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