What The Boy From Mrs. Doubtfire Looks Like Now

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 What The Boy From Mrs. Doubtfire Looks Like Now

Before we explore Lawrence’s life post-Mrs. Doubtfire, we would be remiss if we didn’t first delve into what it was like for him to be cast in the 1993 film. Lawrence was only 12 years old when he auditioned for the role of Robin Williams and Sally Field’s on-screen son, Chris.

When Lawrence arrived for his audition, he was directed to a stage and asked to take a seat on a couch. In an interview with Page Six, Lawrence recounted that an “elderly British woman” then came over and sat next to him and, before long, started pinching and rough-housing with him. Lawrence believes his reaction to the “woman” was what landed him the role. Afterwards, Williams revealed that it was him.

Lawrence added, “Even in person it was so believable,” noting, “I have yet to see an actor pull off something so extreme, so well in person, not just on film.” During the six months it took to film Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams and Lawrence went for walks around the area to test the costume’s plausibility. In the end, the actor said no one ever “questioned that this was [his] British nanny.”

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