What Lana From Smallville Looks Like Today

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 What Lana From Smallville Looks Like Today

Kristin Kreuk returned to The CW to star in another of the network’s offerings in 2018, legal drama Burden of Truth. The show, which began its fourth season in January 2021, follows Canadian corporate attorney Joanna Hanley (Kreuk) as she jumps ship to defend the people of her rural hometown from a shady pharmaceutical giant. It was originally supposed to be set in the Toronto area, but major rewrites took place when it became apparent that shooting in Manitoba would be considerably cheaper. 

“Once we started developing the scripts to suit a Prairie story, I really love it,” Kreuk told CBC. “I think it’s a special spot in our country that we don’t see often.” For Kreuk, Burden of Truth is special, too. The actor serves as an executive producer on the series, and she’s used her sway to shine a light on the problems still faced by Canada’s original inhabitants. The show “looks a lot at systemic racism and how that affects our court systems and our justice systems and how police forces look at indigenous people, and we put a very critical eye on it and I think that’s important,” Kreuk said.  trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

Playing an attorney is a far cry from the roles she’s been previously known for — most notably, of course, Lana Lang in Smallville – and Kreuk is relishing that fact. “It’s so rare, at least in my career, that I’ve had the opportunity to live in such a real world,” she told Brief Take in 2020. “I’m very grateful for that.”

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