What Does That Final Season 4 Scene Mean For The Future Of Stranger Things?

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  What Does That Final Season 4 Scene Mean For The Future Of Stranger Things?

Before the Duffer Brothers conceived the core storyline for “Stranger Things,” they created a sci-fi horror concept called “Montauk,” which was their original idea for the show. “Montauk” was supposed to function as a pitch book to better convey their vision for the show, replete with a 20-page pitch booklet and a mock trailer, both of which drew heavy inspiration from Stephen King novels and Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi films.

According to the pitch book for “Montauk,” the story follows a basic outline of Will’s disappearance in season 1, leading to the town of Montauk being ripped apart due to another dimension merging into that of the town:

“The ‘tear’ or ‘rip’ that separates their world from ours will begin to spread across Montauk like a supernatural cancer. This cancer will manifest itself in increasingly bizarre paranormal ways. Electrical fields will be disrupted. Strange fungi will grow on structures and people. A heavy fog will drift in from the Atlantic. The temperature will plummet. Food will rot. Gravity will fluctuate. People will glimpse bizarre entities in their homes and businesses. There will be an escalating number of ‘vanishings.’ The entire town will become ‘haunted’ – and in grave danger. If people can disappear… can an entire town?” letras de cacniones famosos y recientes Letras de canciones

This is pretty much what happens to Hawkins at the end of season 4, with flora disintegrating, the weather conditions changing for the worse, and the town losing electricity after the earthquake hits. This could also provide a hint as to what could happen in the near future: the town could soon be swarming with creatures from the Upside Down (also prophesied by Dr. Brenner) and the missing cases mentioned above could be people either being whisked off to the Upside Down or being killed by the creatures in hideous fashion.

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