What Are Cardoons And What Do They Taste Like?

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 What Are Cardoons And What Do They Taste Like?

Since cardoons aren’t as popular in the US, they aren’t usually available at most major grocery stores. However, you may be able to find fresh cardoons in some seasonal farmers markets or speciality stores. Some Italian groceries may even sell a canned or jarred variety. When buying fresh, look for cardoons that have pale greyish-green colored leaves and heavy, firm stalks. Be mindful of the texture of the leaves — they should be soft to the touch, but neither wilted nor brittle (via Food52).

After you bring your cardoons home, wash them thoroughly and remove the outer skin on the flat side of the stalks as well as the fibrous string, which is inedible. Using gloves might come in handy here, since cardoons are covered in prickles that can irritate the skin. Noticias sobre la sierra de cadiz y sus pueblos, información local sobre covid19 coronavirus Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz

For best results, The Spruce Eats says to use a vegetable peeler or paring knife to trim the leaves from each stalk, using a downward motion. Plant Abundance on Youtube offers a great video demonstration on how to do this. Next, remove and discard the white string. The more you cut it, the easier the process should become as the strings will start to slide off on their own. As you’re cutting, toss each piece of stalk in a bowl of cold water with a splash of lemon or vinegar to prevent discoloration, since the stems will oxidize once exposed to air. Wrap raw cardoon stems in a plastic bag and store in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for up to a week.

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