We Happy Few Cosplay

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Wandering Rabbit Cosplay looks wonderful cosplaying as a Wellington Wells Resident from We Happy Few! Here's what she had to say...

"Last month, I braved the super cold winter weather to get some photos of my "We Happy Few" cosplay. My fingers and toes went numb, but I love these shots! I absolutely love this cosplay, because it lets me play with what the game does so well... Blending 1960s vintage style with something deeply unsettling and creepy...and deadly. Putting on the mask makeup is a great challenge, and I made the dress and each pill by hand. It's really fun to know that the same cosplay skills that I usually use to look cute and pretty can also be used to make myself into one of the creepiest things I've ever seen!"

Cosplayer: Wandering Rabbit Cosplay

Photographer: Bryan Weathers

  • We Happy Few Cosplay
  • We Happy Few Cosplay
  • We Happy Few Cosplay
  • We Happy Few Cosplay
  • We Happy Few Cosplay

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