Uncomfortable Movie Scenes We’ll Never Watch Again

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  Uncomfortable Movie Scenes We’ll Never Watch Again

With a title like Creep, it should come as no surprise that this horror flick is one uncomfortable experience. The film follows an unlucky cameraman named Aaron (Patrick Brice) who’s hired to make a video for a weirdo named Josef (Mark Duplass). Josef claims he’s dying of cancer, so he wants to make a film for his unborn child. But this seemingly sweet idea gets freakier and freakier as Josef abandons Aaron in the woods, tells him a disturbing tale about his marriage, and performs a song-and-dance number while wearing a wolf mask.

But all that comes after Josef tells Aaron to follow him into the bathroom for “tubby time.” When Josef was a little kid, he would take baths with his dad. Since he won’t be around to share that with his son, Josef wants to recreate that experience on film. And yeah, it’s about as awkward as it sounds. Even though Aaron is behind the camera, he’s clearly uncomfortable as Josef strips down and starts playing with an imaginary baby — pouring water on its invisible head, tickling its non-existent toes, and gently patting thin air.

The situation gets even weirder when Josef sinks into a depression and starts talking about suicide. One moment, he’s playing with his unborn son. The next, he’s sliding under the water, like he plans to drown himself. Concerned, Aaron leans over the tub to check on Josef, and that’s when the madman comes screaming at the camera. It’s quite the jump scare and perfectly sets the mood for all the creepiness to come.

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