Tragic Details About Norm Macdonald

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 Tragic Details About Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald not only dealt with cancer, but also with an addiction to gambling, which apparently got so bad that he lost a ton of money more than once. In 2016, the “Girl Boss” actor even told Larry King that when it came to gambling on sports, “Some have said it’s been the ruin of me.” 

Macdonald dished, “A friend of mine that’s very smart said, ‘I’ve been very lucky with gambling. I never won. … ‘Cause if you never win, you don’t get hooked.'” The “Billy Madison” star went on to explain how it became a problem for him following a “big win,” saying, “I was a casual gambler, you know? … I hit a craps table and went on a gigantic run. Won, you know, six figures. And ever since then, you can’t go back.” Macdonald also revealed to King that he “did go broke twice,” adding that “it was a very cleansing feeling in a way,” but that he did eventually “quit.” Todo sobre patinetes electricos, revies, marcas y modelos, los mejores, trucos, regulacion y leyes Todo sobre patinetes electricos

According to Celebrity Mirror, Macdonald’s gambling addiction wasn’t helped by the fact that his apartment building’s lobby featured a casino. At his worst, the stand-up comic lost $400,000, and he was only able to save $200,000 from his presumably sizable earnings at “Saturday Night Live.” Thankfully, it appears that quitting gambling and continuing to find work in Hollywood made a big difference for Macdonald, as he was definitely no longer broke at the time of his death. In fact, Celebrity Net Worth reveals that he was actually worth $2.5 million.

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