Tragic Details About Christine Quinn

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 Tragic Details About Christine Quinn

While Christine Quinn looks like she could run the universe, her parents kept her as removed and protected from the world as possible. “My childhood … was very sheltered,” she said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “… They were doing their best job to protect me, but it felt suffocating to me.” In light of this, Quinn ran away from home at 17, choosing a two hour window when her parents were at Costco to make her escape.

Speaking to The Guardian, the star explained that her Catholic upbringing in Texas was so strict that even television was off-limits. For a hit of culture, she’d watch classics like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” at her grandma’s house. “I grew up in a very restrictive environment. I didn’t even know what sex was until I was 16,” she said. “… I needed freedom in order to survive.”

On “Call Her Daddy,” Quinn noted that amongst the long list of things that were restricted at home were fast food and soda. “Now, all I drink is Red Bull, Dr. Pepper, [and] soda,” she joked. Luckily, Quinn explained that she’s close with her parents now and that motherhood really changed that for her. “They just came from a place of wanting to protect me and wanting to make sure that I was okay,” she said of her parents. “Looking back, maybe it was for the best, but I had to leave when I had to leave.”

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