Tips To Pack For A Cruise To Norway

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There is nothing quite so invigorating as taking a cruise across the ocean. While we often identify cruises with tropical destinations and balmy weather, there is much to discover by visiting the chilly shores of Scandinavian countries. So what’s different from a cruise to the tropics and a cruise to a place like Norway; the weather, of course.

There are many things you need to know when you travel by ship. For one thing, you will find yourself more exposed to the elements than other modes of travel. Some people find the open sea very bracing, others feel the ill effects of the ship’s movement over choppy water. A lot of the discomfort associated with travelling by sea can be avoided by preparing yourself appropriately before you set out. Packing for a cruise requires serious attention.

While you are on board, you may not want to discover that you have forgotten something important like your medicines or sunscreen so the first thing to start with is a checklist. Write down all the essentials and go over the list a few times. Also, be sure to check how much luggage you are allowed to take on board and what items are prohibited. It is preferable that you take no more than two suitcases and one carry-on bag on board the ship.

Tips To Pack For A Cruise To Norway

Clothing and Footwear

Even though your liner will have heating facilities, if you wish to step on deck or make any shore-excursions, it is wise to have some warmer clothes handy as the weather in Norway is rather unpredictable. Therefore, it would be wise to be prepared by packing in a woolly hat, a light sweater or two and a jacket for harsher weather. Some waterproof clothing would be useful if it turns rainy.

Depending on the liner you choose you might be required to wear formal attire on certain evenings or occasions, so pack in some formal clothes like  a couple of tuxedoes (for men) or evening dresses (women) for example. For women a dressy light sweater might also be a good addition, if worn with formal skirts or trousers. Recetas de comidas rapidas y fáciles de preparar, con ingredientes ecónomicos y baratos Comidas rápidas

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Try to select clothing, which can be easily coordinated and worn in different combinations. When it comes to footwear, a pair of casual shoes (preferably waterproof) for on-shore excursions and a pair of formal shoes would be ideal.

Miscellaneous Items

Other things you should pack include swimwear, sunglasses, band-aids, towels, small make-up kit for women, a couple of small toys or games for children, gear for hiking, skiing, or other activities, etc.

Tips To Pack For A Cruise To Norway

Finally, remember to pack in all your money, jewelry, medicines, travel documents like your passport, toiletries, cosmetics, cameras, phones, laptops, and other valuables in your carry-on case.

Packing Your Belongings

When it comes to the actual “packing”, it is best to place all your “heavier” items beneath those more fragile. Shoes always go at the bottom unless carried in a special case. Try to travel as light as you can. Fold in your clothes carefully to prevent creasing and pack in formal attire in protective plastic coverings. I hope these tips to pack for your cruise to Norway will make the trip enjoyable in every way.

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