Things You Didn’t Know About Hilary Farr And David Visentin

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 Things You Didn’t Know About Hilary Farr And David Visentin

Although this hosting duo may tease each other on screen, they get along more than it seems. Sharing is caring, and since they have similar taste in food, David Visentin and Hilary Farr are happy to share with each other. So that must mean they really care about each other, right?

As Visentin explained to PopSugar, “We start our mornings the exact same way.” He shared a favorite smoothie recipe with Farr and she was hooked. They call it “The Morning Smoothie,” and shared during the interview that this breakfast staple includes kale, cilantro, lemon juice, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. And when it comes to favorite food? Yep, you guessed it — they share the same fave cuisine, too. Both go straight for Italian. Visentin shared with W Network that the dish he can eat all day is “pasta with every kind of edible seafood known to man.”

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