Things That Happen In Every Dwayne Johnson Movie

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 Things That Happen In Every Dwayne Johnson Movie

Another essential element of many Dwayne Johnson movies is a nice natural setting. Though much of the action in “Red Notice” takes place across parts of Europe and Asia, the third act of the film moves the characters to the jungles of Argentina, where Booth and Hartley track down the fabled third egg of Cleopatra. The sight of Johnson’s character journeying through the jungle is probably pretty familiar to his fans. There have been a number of films that also feature his characters getting up close and personal with the wilderness, including, most recently, his run as steamboat captain Frank Wolff in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise,” who knows a lot more about the Amazon river than anyone expects.

Rough waters are also something Johnson’s characters have to deal with in his movies a lot, including in “Red Notice,” when he takes a terrifying car ride down a waterfall. Similarly, it’s common to see Johnson’s characters grappling with dangerous animals, for better and for worse. In “Red Notice,” he has a brutal brush with a bull, and he’s previously battled with a number of beasts on-screen. From slaying the Lernaean Hydra in “Hercules” to tangling with a crocodile the size of a city block in “Rampage,” Johnson’s characters are just as likely to throw down with a terrifying creature as they are to exchange fists with any two-legged types.  Todo sobre plantas: cuidados, tipos, trucos Todo sobre plantas

However, some of his characters are also known to make friends with creatures that might scare the daylights out of folks, like when he taught a gorilla to flip the bird and when he hitched a ride on some giant bumble bees. Friend or foe, Johnson’s characters have spent a lot of quality time with all sorts of crazy critters.

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