The Untold Truth Of Taylor Kinney

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  The Untold Truth Of Taylor Kinney

While he has complained about filming outdoor scenes in the height of Chicago winters, Kinney has no problem getting cold and wet for a good cause — the polar plunge, a Chicago tradition where people go for a swim in Lake Michigan in the middle of winter in order to benefit the Special Olympics. 

There is photographic evidence of Kinney taking the plunge in 2015, when he was engaged to Lady Gaga. The photos show a shirtless Kinney fully immersed in the icy water, which he did alongside Gaga, actor Vince Vaughan, and 4,500 others. In a March 2021 interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Kinney and Fallon discussed having previously met at one of the plunges, though neither was sure of what year that had occurred (Kinney said he has taken the plunge four times thus far). “I remember you had a suit on and you went all just, like, full suit,” Kinney told the host. “And I go, well, ‘how’s he going to get out? That’s got to be, like, triple as cold.”

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