The Untold Truth Of Crystal Head Vodka

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 The Untold Truth Of Crystal Head Vodka

The intricate process behind Crystal Head vodka starts with two simple ingredients: peaches and cream corn (via Crystal Head FAQ). From there, the product is distilled and mixed with pure water that comes from Newfoundland, Canada. Crystal Head filters their vodka seven times to ensure their product’s purity; part of this process entails the vodka mixing with Herkimer diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds are a kind of quartz crystal that have been around for some five hundred million years, according to Herkimer Diamond Mines. After World War II, vodka manufacturers began filtering vodka using charcoal instead of wood products, which was the preferred method up until then. From there, it was a short jump to diamonds, which are the compressed version of charcoal (via Daily Beast).

And diamonds, of course, sound a little more refined than charcoal, making it an excellent marketing venture for vodka distillers. But, though Carbonadi Vodka co-founder Ricky Miller III, can’t tell you exactly how, he insists that the diamonds really do make the final product purer: “I would be lying to you if I said I knew exactly what was being pulled out,” he told the Daily Beast. “But it picks up and absorbs impurities that aren’t caught in a conventional process.”

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