The Truth About Muhammad Ali’s Children

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 The Truth About Muhammad Ali’s Children

After Muhammad Ali married his fourth and final wife, Lonnie Williams, in 1986, they adopted a baby boy, Asaad Amin. According to Courier Journal, Asaad had been given up by his mom, and Ali essentially saved him from a childhood that could very well have been spent in the foster care system. 

As he grew up, Asaad eschewed the boxing ring for the baseball field. Following a brief amateur career, The New York Times reports that Asaad went on to coach baseball at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls.

Unlike the other Ali siblings, Asaad got to spend his entire upbringing with his father, not least because Muhammad Ali, who had long retired from boxing when he welcomed his adoptive son, was in his mid 40s by the time Asaad came along. “I’ve lived with him my whole life; it’s kind of different (for me),” he told Courier Journal, adding, “As the years go by, it’s been a little harder for him. But you can tell he still has that twinkle in his eye sometimes when he talks to me, and he just loves being around us kids.”

When his dad was receiving palliative care, Asaad visited him in the hospital. The incredible life that the boxer had bestowed upon that once forsaken baby was not lost on Asaad. He said of his late father, “I’m forever grateful for everything you ever gave me.”