The Tragic Real-Life Story Of James Taylor

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 The Tragic Real-Life Story Of James Taylor

James Taylor has been married three times. His second marriage, to actress Kathryn Walker, lasted about a decade, and he’s currently hitched to Boston Symphony Orchestra trustee and publicist Caroline “Kim” Hessberg-Taylor. Taylor’s first marriage, however, is his most famous and tumultuous. In November 1972, he married fellow iconic Baby Boomer troubadour Carly Simon. Together, they recorded the hit novelty duet “Mockingbird” and had two children together, but otherwise, the marriage was full of drama and bad news. 

In her memoir Boys in the Trees (via The Washington Post), Simon wrote extensively of Taylor’s drug use, emotional distance, and infidelity, including the day in 1976 when he told her “he had to get checked out for the clap,” i.e. gonorrhea. The marriage ultimately ended in 1983, after Simon tired of Taylor’s two-timing. At one point, Simon wrote (via Showbiz 411) that Taylor set up his mistress in a studio apartment a few blocks from the family home in New York. trucos y consejos de fitness para ponerse en forma Blog de Fitness

Taylor has reportedly remained cold toward his ex-wife. When Simon wanted to perform at a charity event after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, she “was told that she couldn’t, and the reason was that [Taylor] was going to be there,” Simon revealed to Salon. In 2018, Taylor told The Telegraph that he doesn’t speak with Simon anymore, quipping, “That’s sort of the point about divorce.”

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