The Stunning Transformation Of Sandra Bullock

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 The Stunning Transformation Of Sandra Bullock

A few years after filming Speed, Sandra Bullock took a role in a different type of film titled Miss Congeniality. She starred as an FBI agent, but one who goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant. The role showed her versatility on screen in a different light, as viewers saw her character’s drastic transformation from a tough FBI agent into, perhaps, the girliest one of all. 

Ironically enough, Bullock told InStyle that as a teenager she was a “tomboy.” She elaborated, “Jeans, baseball caps. I skated, rode bikes. I was scared of that sexual energy.” 

Perhaps because of that, she was hesitant about participating in a Miss Congeniality scene revolving around a classic beauty pageant experience — the dreaded swimsuit competition. Bullock told Entertainment Tonight that there were multiple times that she tried to get it written out, but the scene was shot and is a part of the classic film seen today. In reference to her FBI agent character, Bullock said, “She’s not your typical beauty queen, so her body’s not going to be perfect either.”

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