The Sean Ward Show Cosplay

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Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue did this fun and rather unique cosplay set of "Seana Ward", a genderbent version of You Tuber Sean Ward of The Sean Ward Show! Here's her explanation of the concept...

"Awhile back I started a Cosplay Goes Pop series with cosplays based on pop stars. It began with the Spice Girls and then I did both a Katy Perry cosplay and a Katy Perry body paint. I found it interesting how much back lash these photo shoots got with people claiming "this is not real cosplay" or even "It kind of cheapens the hobby by saying impersonators and look-alikes are also cosplay." Personally, I find this�fascinating. Is cosplay not impersonation? Don't people often pick costumes or characters because they share a likeness to the character? (Not saying that one must, but rather that some folks choose this method). Do pop stars not have elaborate costumes and personas they wear? When my Katy Perry cosplay post went up on the Geek Girls facebook, I shared it to my own musing over the fact that so many folks seemed determined to tear down this shoot as not cosplay. At which point my friend Sean Ward commented this:

"What I've always said - artists are real life superheroes, their creativity and talent are their powers, and their villains are all of the bad influences that distract them from producing their art. Because art has the power to change minds, it has the power to change hearts, and so the power to change people, and change the world. And besides, someone who says passion only counts when it's�channeled�into corporate trademarks and not their fellow human being who is out there in the real world taking on the haters and the critics, that person has no soul."

And I couldn't have agreed more. The comment got me thinking... who are other real life heroes to me? I'm not talking about someone saving me from a run away carriage or anything like that, but rather who are the people that inspire me to be my best self? One of those people is the very same, Sean Ward.�

So the plotting began. Over several months I started a conversation with Sean's fiancee Kat. We managed to find a time when Sean was out of town for me to sneak in and shoot in the studio. You may recognize the backdrop from countless vlog videos or even shout outs and the end of the superhero�shenanigans�that are filmed. I printed up a tank top with his logo for "The Sean Ward Show" and my partner happens to own the same Spidey sweater that Sean does.�We also managed to nab one of his cameras, his bull horn, his glasses (sunnies and regular), a hat, a tablet,�one of his watches, a shirt and of course his Captain America onesie and shield. Como hacer Figacitas de manteca (mantequilla)

Even after shooting it�we held onto the photos for awhile. It wasn't until weeks later�I was away in Newfoundland for Avalon Expo 2 that we dropped the first photo. The tablet photo with the caption "HUH?!". Next thing I know my phone goes off with the alert that Sean has commented and his response is "????????? What the eff". The way he tells the story Kat and he were at home on the couch and he happened to see the photo out of the corner of his eye on her laptop screen as she was scrolling her news feed. He asked what it was, she tried to play it off but he determined went back to see the photo and was rather confused. "When was this taken I've been home all week?!"

Huge thank yous to both Kat�and Cajun Cosplay for helping me to pull this off."

Shout out video�here.

Geek Girl: Northern Belle Rogue - facebook

Photographer: Cajun Cosplay

The Sean Ward Show

  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay
  • The Sean Ward Show Cosplay

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