The Real Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads And Other Canine Facts

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 The Real Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads And Other Canine Facts

Grass is for horses and sheep. When dogs eat grass, it makes about as much sense as serving up their kibble with a side salad. Dogs aren’t supposed to be into vegetables.

And yet, PetMD says grass-eating is common in dogs. Unlike cats, dogs are not exclusively carnivores, which explains why so many dogs are just as happy to eat your French fries as your burger. Dogs are scavengers, so they’ll eat pretty much anything that will give them calories and nutrition, and sometimes that means eating plants. Grass, as it turns out, is easily accessible to modern canines because most of us grow it in our backyards.

Okay, great, but if it’s so nutritious, why do dogs sometimes barf it up after they eat it? Well, when a dog gulps down large amounts of unchewed grass, it can tickle the stomach and esophagus, which may induce vomiting. So some dogs might actually be seeking out grass as an emetic, or a substance that makes them barf — possibly because their stomachs don’t feel great after eating all those French fries.

So is it a good idea to let your dog eat grass? Yes and no. The grass itself won’t hurt your dog, and it might even provide essential nutrients. But if it’s grass that’s been treated with pesticides or other chemicals, you probably don’t want your dog eating it. And if they’re eating a lot, watch for vomit. So maybe just offer some cooked vegetables instead, you know, as a side dish.

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