The Real Reason Amy And Matt Roloff Got Divorced

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  The Real Reason Amy And Matt Roloff Got Divorced

Their youngest son, Jacob, was just 9-years-old when the show started filming, according to Radar Online. After a decade of being in front of the cameras, he reportedly became disgusted with the show, stopped filming, and became somewhat estranged from his family. He shared his thoughts about his life, his family, and the series on his blog, Rock and Roloff.

In one entry, Jacob considers himself lucky to be able to make money and go on lavish vacations that the show funds, but judging by his blog entries, it appears he believes the cons of being on reality TV outweigh the pros. He considers the series a catalyst for his “tainted childhood.”

“I had tons of fun and so many opportunities and friendships, and also anger, frustration… the myriad of emotions,” he writes. “However; money, things, and trips — all material — cannot ultimately compensate for the immaterial experiences of a childhood innocently experienced.” Jacob also confesses that he was eventually able to let go of “bitterness” directed at his parents and at the show’s production company.

It has to be difficult for any parent to hear that their child blamed them for a stunted childhood. We can’t imagine how much turmoil and regret this created within Matt and Amy’s marriage.

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