The Myth Of The Valkyrie Explained

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  The Myth Of The Valkyrie Explained

Valhalla is thought to have been a late addition to the mythos around the Viking afterlife. Initially, it was simply a place where the dead went rather than a hall of pleasure. However, it later morphed into somewhere where those selected by the valkyries (known as the einharjar) can expect to be in the exalted company of Odin and spend eternity in a hall where meat, beer, and water are constantly flowing (via World History). The chef to the gods, Andrihmnir, serves the exalted ones from an enchanted boar whose meat is regenerated daily, while a mythical goat provides an endless flow of mead from its udders. Meanwhile, the great deer hart Eikthyrnir drips water from its antlers into a spring, providing a sweet and everlasting supply. Alongside this, the hall is decorated with spears, shields, and coats of chainmail, vital implements for the continuing battles that the dead warriors will face.

Other gods can claim dead warriors for their own, including Freya, queen of the Viking gods, and the woman believed to be the leader of the valkyrie, as described by Life in Norway. Once she selects people, she is said to deliver them to Sessrumnir, or the hall of many seats, which sits in a picturesque world of rivers, mountains, and flowers. However, they can be sent to a number of other realms after this — places that are not as glorious as Valhalla.

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