The Jackass Star Who Is Flat Broke Today

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  The Jackass Star Who Is Flat Broke Today

One of the leading lights of “Jackass Forever” is franchise newcomer Sean “Poopies” McInerney, and it’s not just because of his extremely memorable nickname. One of his exploits in the film involves getting personal with a Texas rattlesnake, a harrowing stunt that eventually earned him an MTV Movie Award for best kiss. Anyone who would share intimate screen time with a rattlesnake probably deserves a bump in pay. But in a recent appearance on the podcast “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!,” the surfer and “Jackass” star admitted to being flat broke.

The relevant part of the discussion begins with Steve-O noting to Poopies, “It’s safe to say that you didn’t get paid a whole bunch to be in the new ‘Jackass’ movie.” It’s a sad truth that in the movie business, you don’t necessarily get paid commensurate to the degree of difficulty of the work that you do. During the interview, the pair discussed this dynamic. Poopies said that he understands that, as a newcomer to the franchise, the studio was likely reluctant to give him a huge paycheck to sign on to the film, considering they hadn’t really seen what he could do yet. Steve-O also noted that with something like “Jackass,” there are probably many eager teenagers and fans who would participate just for the fun of it. As Steve-O put it, the people who sign the checks see participation in “Jackass” as a privilege, and they don’t necessarily have to pay through the nose to get unproven and untested talent. Korean Beauty - 👸 💋 Descubre todo sobre el ritual de belleza coreana y los mejores productos de cosmetica coreana del mercado Korean Beauty

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