The Five Best Amber Heard Movies of Her Career

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  The Five Best Amber Heard Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Amber Heard Movies of Her Career

Some people actually mistake Amber Heard and Blake Lively to this day since the two women are both blondes and have roughly the same build until you really look at them. Heard can be said to have slightly stronger features however and is actually a bit different in terms of bodily dimensions. Aside from that she’s had the kind of career that hasn’t been easy to miss since she’s been coming up through the ranks the last decade or so and has really made some headway. Some of her movies aren’t considered to be all that great when it comes to the critics but if you disregard them then you might actually enjoy the films since they do tend to offer a good deal of entertainment and something that tells the story and doesn’t make you think as much. On top of that she’s been seen as more than capable when it comes to filling out certain roles that require her to be strong-willed and very independent, or even slightly shy and demure. In other words she’s a lot better actress than she gets credit for at times.

Here are some of the best movies from her career so far.

5. Never Back Down

Of course there’s always room for a woman in a film that’s all about fighting since a lot of times they’re the stabilizing force or the reason why guys fight in the first place. The whole intention of bringing instant enemies Ryan and Jake together however wasn’t for a fight, she was looking to welcome Jake to the community and Ryan simply thought it was a good way to take his measure. Jake got his butt whipped the first fight, but when it came time for the final fight he’d learned a thing or two and reconciled with everyone in his life that really meant something to him. And yes, at the end he beat Ryan, and even earned his respect.

4. The Ward

When the mind breaks due to overwhelming trauma it’s never a pretty thing, especially when it creates such clean break that each one develops into its own entity. That’s exactly what happens when Alice Hudson is abducted and left alone for two months in an abandoned farmhouse. After she burns the farmhouse down she’s admitted to a psychiatric ward as part of an experiment. While she thinks her fellow patients are being killed by a mysterious and disfigured ghost, it is in fact her psyche attempting to regroup by eliminating the overlying pieces of itself one by one until only is left. Drambuie 37.5cl - 1980s Single Malt Whisky - Drambuie

3. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

It’s hard to know who’s more terrifying when they hatch a plan for revenge, someone that’s been slighted or someone that just doesn’t care and wants to kill. Mandy plays it up beautifully as she acts like she has no idea what’s going on as the friends she’s decided to hang out with start getting killed one after the other. In fact she doesn’t even let on until near the end when she kills one of them herself and then gets into a fight with Emmett, the one responsible for the majority of the killings. He finds out too late that he was a pawn in her little game as well and meant absolutely nothing to her outside of his need to make people pay for ostracizing him.

2. Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage plays a man that’s managed to escape hell in his bid to find his granddaughter and take his revenge on the man that killed his daughter and took the child. Amber Heard plays the woman that just happens to be in his path as he’s on his way to vengeance and becomes his valued right hand as she takes on the responsibility of keeping up with and helping him. It’s a fairly simple shoot ’em-up film with a very diabolical twist that might make some people groan and roll their eyes while others get into it fully and enjoy the idea of it. Aside from a few cheesy moments it’s not that bad really.

1. Aquaman

A lot of folks would probably groan and want to facepalm themselves in an effort to not see this but so far Aquaman sounds and looks like it’s going to be a redeeming movie in the DCEU stable. As Mera, Heard will be taking on a much bigger role as she becomes one of those that is charged with reminding Arthur Curry just what’s at stake and why he needs to claim his inheritance no matter how much he doesn’t seem to want it. Being bound to a man that comes from both worlds doesn’t sound to bad when it means that he could find a way to keep the peace between the two of them.

She’s not exactly on an upswing but her career is at a point where she’s doing very well and will hopefully remain for some time to come.

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