The Biggest Plot Holes In The Big Bang Theory

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  The Biggest Plot Holes In The Big Bang Theory

Not only was Amy’s mother portrayed by two different actors –- Annie O’Donnell in a brief cameo in Season 4 and Oscar-nominated actress Kathy Bates in a recurring guest role in Seasons 11 and 12 –- but the character came across very differently in her two separate appearances.

In Amy’s earlier appearances, her mother was always described as a concerned parent who urged her introverted daughter to venture outside of her comfort zone, even making a deal that required Amy to go on a date once a year. The character played by Annie O’Donnell in Season 4, Episode 5 (“The Desperation Emanation”) comes across as kind and pleasant, eager to meet Amy’s then-new boyfriend Sheldon. However, Kathy Bates’ Mrs. Fowler in seasons 11 and 12 seems to be much more conservative, strict, and an overbearing mother and wife, even expressing her annoyance at Amy living with Sheldon before their marriage. Gestion de Procesos o BPM: tutoriales, noticias, trucos, consejos y todo sobre Gestion de Procesos en español Tutoriales sobre Gestion de Procesos BPM

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Steve Holland explained the decision to recast Amy’s mother. “When we met Amy’s mother in Season 4 [played by Annie O’Donnell], it was before Amy had become such a big part of the show,” Holland said. “It was a one-off [scene] on Skype. [Annie] did a wonderful job. But when we had the chance to bring [the character] back in a role that could possibly recur [we decided to make a change]. And [series co-creator Chuck Lorre] had a relationship with Kathy Bates after they worked together [on Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’] and, well, how do you say no to bringing Kathy Bates on?”

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