The Biggest Behind-The-Scenes Feuds Of The Star Wars Franchise

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 The Biggest Behind-The-Scenes Feuds Of The Star Wars Franchise

George Lucas wrote and directed the first “Star Wars” movie, but he handed over directing duties for the first two sequels. Irvin Kershner directed “The Empire Strikes Back,” and Richard Marquand directed “Return of the Jedi.” For the most part, the cast and crew got along with the directors, but Carrie Fisher despised working with Richard Marquand. She enjoyed working on the first two films, but the third was a nightmare for her.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Fisher described how she felt about Marquand, saying, “I hated him. He fell all over Harrison, but he would yell at me constantly.” Marquand yelled at her on one memorable occasion, and when she “burst into tears,” her makeup was ruined. “It took an hour for them to do my makeup again,” Fisher said, which didn’t help her standing with the director.  Todo sobre Egipto y Tutankhamon exposicion, historia, turismo Tutankhamon exposicion

In Hollywood, there’s a poorly kept secret that George Lucas ghost directed several scenes in “Return of the Jedi.” Whether this had something to do with the cast issues or Lucas’ controlling nature has long been debated. Still, for whatever reason, he got involved. Marquand reportedly described Lucas’ presence on the set, saying, “It is rather like trying to direct ‘King Lear’ with Shakespeare in the next room” (via Rare).

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