The Best And Worst Moments In Top Gun: Maverick Ranked

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  The Best And Worst Moments In Top Gun: Maverick Ranked

The most compelling plotline of “Top Gun: Maverick” is the burgeoning father-son dynamic between Goose’s son, Rooster, and Maverick, who feels obligated to protect the only child of his fallen friend.

That puts Maverick in a serious bind. He can send Rooster into combat and maybe get him killed or hold him back and leave Rooster to live in his resentment forever. Needless to say, the two men eventually embark on the final mission together. Beforehand, Maverick gives just one piece of advice: “Don’t think.” When a bogey gets a lock on Rooster it seems like game over, but Maverick swoops in and takes the hit. Somehow, Maverick ejects and wakes up face down in the snow, only to be tracked down by an enemy attack helicopter. Just as he’s about to be blown apart, Rooster, who has defied orders and circled back, shoots down the chopper and saves Maverick.

This ending action set-piece is a series of phenomenal sequences that keeps escalating. Rooster is next shot down by surface-to-air missiles but also ejects just in time. Maverick sees him go down and sprints to the crash site. Tom Cruise does his classic stiff-handed running form, and when he gets there, he’s furious with Rooster. Maverick has just sacrificed himself to save the kid, and now, they’re both grounded behind enemy lines. “What were you thinking!?” ‘Maverick’ chides. “You told me not to think!” ‘Rooster’ responds with hilarious sincerity.

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