Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fans Need To Watch These Horror Movie Hidden Gems

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 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fans Need To Watch These Horror Movie Hidden Gems

A sensational skin-crawler that’s a good fit for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” fans, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” follows a group of high school friends who are mysteriously terrorized by a killer. And in the tradition of Leatherface, this bloodthirsty baddie is seen wearing the faces of their victims. Only, in this film, the killer sports synthetic masks that mirror their victims, and to ramp up the scare factor for each encounter, the slasher wears the face of their mark before the knifework commences.

In addition to boasting some nail-biting tension and plenty of thrills, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” also features the unraveling of one mystery after the next, as the killer at the center of the story seems to have a bone to pick with each and every one of the targets, whose secrets are all exposed in the course of the killings. For a thoughtful but still plenty bloody thriller, make sure to put this adaptation of the 2017 novel on your to-watch list asap.

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