Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay

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We just love cosplays from Dayna Baby Lou! This one is no exception, she looks awesome as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. Here's what she had to say about the shoot...

"Terry is my favorite fighting game/anime character, so that made this cosplay super fun!I started watching Fatal Fury and playing the SNK games at a very young age. I love the movies and still watch Fatal Fury The Motion Picture regularly ( I must own about 3 or 4 copies of it lol). My photographer Addy Davies, is also a huge fan! So we both had a blast shooting this.

There really isn't a lot to the costume, Terry's outfit is quite simple. Many things you can find straight out of your closet.

I did make the vest from scratch. Really, all you need is a sports vest pattern handy (or make your own) and add on an extra high collar. I just used a vinyl material for Terry's signature star on the back. The rest is made with a basic denim knit. The hat I already had, as well as his classic red converse runners.

If anyone is looking for inexpensive patterns and has access to a printer sewingpatterns.com have tons of downloads! Great for simple things such as gloves and vests...I find this site comes in handy for those little last min details ;) Recetas de comidas rapidas y fáciles de preparar, con ingredientes ecónomicos y baratos Comidas rápidas

Power Wave!!!!"

Model: Dayna Baby Lou

Photographer: Addy Davies

  • Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay
  • Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay
  • Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay
  • Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay
  • Terry Bogard Fatal Fury Cosplay

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