Superheroes We Lost In 2022

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  Superheroes We Lost In 2022

Plenty of folks who’d like to get into superhero comics find themselves stymied by DC and Marvel’s convoluted continuity, jarring reboots, and reliance upon obscure characters with omnipotent powers appearing from out of nowhere. They’ve got a new hurdle to clear, courtesy of “Justice League #75” by Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval: In this issue, a previously benevolent dimensional traveler named Pariah effortlessly dematerializes a sizeable fraction of DC’s best-known, usually-unstoppable champions of virtue. Specifically, Pariah kills the Justice League — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, and the Martain Manhunter. He also bumps off multidimensional Justice Leaguers including President Superman of Earth-23, Doctor Multiverse of Earth-8, Captain Carrot of Earth-23, and a handful of others. Promotional materials tell us this ghastly, traumatizing massacre of globally beloved characters leads into DC’s summer of 2022 event, “Dark Crisis.” Struffoli sin gluten: la receta para hacerlos en casa

All of this is plenty shocking by itself, but here’s the kicker — current “Action Comics” scribe Phillip Kennedy Johnson has already made it known, via an interview with CBR, that Superman’s death will in no way interrupt Kal-El’s noble struggle against intergalactic tyranny and oppression in his concurrent “Warworld Saga.” Likewise, ceasing to exist doesn’t seem to be stopping Batman from hunting Ra’s al Ghul’s assassin in the “Shadow War” multi-series crossover. DC’s most prominent heroes have died in “Justice League.” Somehow, they all continue to prosper in their solo adventures. What gives? We suppose we’ll have to keep reading.    

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