Sunken Submarine Recipe

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Kids are quite choosy in their eating habits.Hence,it becomes very difficult to make them eat green vegetables and fruits.So,the best way is to include fruits and vegetables in their favourite dishes so that instead of being fussy ,they enjoy and eat their dish along with the essential nutrients of vegetables present in it.Sunken Submarine is one of the recipe where we can add vegetables and increase its nutritive value .

Sunken Submarine is a healthy recipe for kids .It involves lots and lots of vegetables ,which are essential for the overall growth and development of the children.The choice of vegetables can be varied as per the kids preferences .

Major ingredients include french bread (long shape bread),cheese slices,tomato slices ,lettuce leaves ,for filling we need finely chopped and boiled vegetables like carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower, for white sauce we need 1tsp butter,1tsp flour,1cup milk,salt,pepper and some grated cheese.

Firstly prepare the white sauce .Heat a non stick thick bottom pan with 1tsp butter on a low flame,to it add 1 tsp flour and stir it continuously.To this mixture slowly add 1cup milk and stir in a way so that no lumps are formed ,add pepper ,salt and some grated cheese to the mixture while stirring.At the end,a thick paste of sauce like consistency will be formed.Keep the mixture aside to cool down on normal room temperature.When cooled add the boiled vegetables into the mixture and mix thoroughly. trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

Now take the french bread and slit it vertically into two equal parts.On one part of the bread slice,scoop vertically from the middle of the bread and spread some butter on it.Spread this white sauce along with the cut vegetables on the scooped area of the bread .On the other slice of the bread,spread some butter first,then place some lettuce leaves ,top it with some cheese slices  and finally tomatoes slices.Hold the two slices together with the help of a tooth pick and bake the same for 5-8 minutes at 200*C in the oven.Serve this sunken submarine with tomato sauce and fresh juice .

Besides being highly nutritious dish  because of fresh vegetables ,it is also very filling.Kids love this and can eat them without any fuss and this can be given to kids in lunch boxes,picnics,birthday parties or anytime as per their demands.Because of its nutritive value,moms can afford to relax and leave behind the tension regarding their kids balanced diet.

Sunken Submarine Recipe

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