Steampunk Cosplay

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Aleksandra looks stunning modelling this epic steampunk gear by Mr. S. Timmy Hog, that is available in his Etsy Shop!

"Good day to you, brave explorer!

After many years of traveling through time and space, servicing duty in the 1st quadrant unit of the Andromeda Alliance, I am proudly presenting you some of my specially designed equipment well needed in your extraordinary everyday missions.

Carefully selected essential tools, weapons and armor pieces all with built-in protective force fields will give you best chance to survive in the unpredictable situations. Invading aliens? Thanks to a great mind Nikola Tesla we have the most powerful ray guns in the universe. Leaking spacecraft? Harry Wesley Coover's super paste can fix it in no time. The emergency escape hatch jammed and doesn't open? There's nothing that laser can't cut, thanks to my friend, Theodore H. Maiman. We thought of everything here."

Model: Aleksandra

Photographer: Alina

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  • Steampunk Cosplay
  • Steampunk Cosplay
  • Steampunk Cosplay
  • Steampunk Cosplay
  • Steampunk Cosplay

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