Spotify Beta Testing GIF-Laden Personalized Feed

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  Spotify Beta Testing GIF-Laden Personalized Feed

Starting Friday, April 8, Spotify will start testing the TikTok-style personalized feed on the app’s home page for users living in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Every day, the vertical video feed will recommend 15 new songs for users to scroll through, preview, and see the Canvas for each song to add to their playlist. If they happen to like the song recommended to them, they can follow the artist and share it with other people on their social media feeds like Instagram, and the Canvas will play in their story.

Not everyone liked the idea of Canvas loops when they came out on Spotify three years ago. While they hearken back to the days of watching music videos on MTV, they can also be distracting, especially when users are driving and stick their phones to a car vent magnet — a problem that’s resolved with Car View and Car Thing. Canvas may have been the best innovation on Spotify’s record, as it claimed that users were 145% more likely to continue streaming, sharing, and adding songs that contain Canvas loops to their playlist.

There’s no word on when Spotify users in the U.S. will be able to see the Canvas loop feeds, as it’s Spotify’s biggest market. Whether it will either test the feature in that market last or make it one of the places where it will officially launch is currently unknown.

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