Skipping Meals Bad For Weight Control & Effects Of Skipping Meals

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Skipping meals is a feature of the modern world. People either skip meals to remain slim or their busy schedules force them to skip meals. But whether it is good or bad is a matter of debate. If you want to rely on scientific data then you will be in a thicker soup as various studies have revealed various results and none can be called conclusive.

So it is difficult to actually say that it is bad or good to skip meals. But all these studies have shown that under certain conditions skipping meals have different results. That means it is better to get familiar with the conditions rather than coming to a conclusive decision.

Skipping meals altogether and skipping meals during the day and then taking up all the calories at one go in the night can have different results. It has been found that if people skip meals as a part of a regular diet plan and take in calories equivalent to that of one normal meal at the next meal, then they can actually benefit from loss of weight. However, weight loss due to skipping meals is a temporary phenomenon and after sometime the weight becomes stagnant.

But those who skip meals and then take in the amount of calorie equivalent to that of the whole day in a single sitting can get metabolic malfunction and can become diabetic.  This happens when fasting glucose level increases with delay in insulin response. Decreased metabolic rate as a result of skipping meals regularly can be the cause of obesity.

The body, being accustomed to the meals, starts the process of metabolism but finding it not necessary slows down the process and when the meal is actually taken the slow rate of metabolism cause various problems. People who eat heavy meals after skipping earlier meals are such victims. Skipping meals causes cravings and this can prompt a person to over eating which results in creation of high amounts of triglycerides and finally, obesity.

Some other effects of skipping meals the wrong way are decrease in energy level, strength and performance. Sometimes it can cause electrolyte imbalance. Skipping meals, when causing problem for metabolism, can actually create problem in the menstrual cycle, cause mood swings and reduce testosterone levels.

So, the next time you think of skipping your meals, think twice, you may become fat.

Skipping Meals Bad For Weight Control & Effects Of Skipping Meals

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