Siren from TRON: Legacy Cosplay

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MaggIvy looks stunning cosplaying as one of the Sirens from TRON: Legacy! Here's what she had to say...

"I originally wore this costume to Anime North 2015. When I watched the movie I fell in love with the design and beauty of the Sirens. Even though they had such a small role in the movie I just had to cosplay as them! This costume does not have led lights, it has panels that glow in the dark. We modified some shoes, made the disc holder and battery pack using worbla (it was my first time using worbla) and attached them to the suit by using industrial strength Velcro. The props were the official Tron discs that were released by Disney long ago. I also used my own hair because I felt that it added a bit of flair. I was very sick that day and it was surprisingly hot during the shoot but I am so happy with the results."

Cosplayer/Model: MaggIvy

Photographer: Zealous Photography

Costume: Zentai-Zentai

Alterations: Olinda's

  • Siren from TRON: Legacy Cosplay
  • Siren from TRON: Legacy Cosplay
  • Siren from TRON: Legacy Cosplay

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