Set Photos That’ll Change The Way You See Horror Movies

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The Hellraiser franchise is made up of (currently) ten films that are about, uh … *deep sigh* … sex demons from another dimension in leather gear with elaborate body mods that steal people’s souls via dark and edgy Rubik’s Cubes so they can do experiments to them? And one of them *deepest, longest sigh* throws CDs like ninja stars? Look, not every horror franchise is for everyone.

Anyway, easily the most recognizable character from this Hot Topic mishmash of a franchise is Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites (the facially pierced bondage demons), portrayed in the first eight (!) films by Doug Bradley. You can recognize Pinhead because he’s the one with, you know, the pins in his head.

According to Birth Movies Death, while promoting Hellraiser III in 1992, Bradley was walking through New York in full makeup and costume so he could present a spooky Rubik’s Cube to Planet Hollywood. Naturally, his presence drew quite a crowd, and at some point one of the dozens of people following him down the street asked him to take a picture holding their baby. Bradley refers to this as “Pinhead running for President.” (Thankfully for Pinhead, sex evil has never been a disqualification from that particular office.)

The weird thing to think about is that that baby is now fully adult and probably wondering why their parent gladly handed them over to a demon that looks like he rolled around in Marilyn Manson’s trash.

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Set Photos That’ll Change The Way You See Horror Movies


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