Sci-Fi Movie Deaths No One Saw Coming

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 Sci-Fi Movie Deaths No One Saw Coming

Samuel L. Jackson, well-delivered profanity, and excellent death scenes —name a better recipe. For the dinosaur-obsessed, it’s Jackson’s abrupt departure from “Jurassic Park,” hinted at only by a severed arm, that sticks in the memory almost more than the triumphant T-Rex. However, the actor’s favorite death is his most shocking: the mid-speech gulper that’s the crowning moment of 1999’s “Deep Blue Sea.”

Jackson’s wild death is practically a meme today, a moment so well known that it’s easy to forget who else was in that movie (Stellan Skarsgard, Saffron Burrows, and Thomas Jane, incidentally). It’s also easy to forget what the movie was about. It’s a thriller about genetically engineered murder-sharks, and they’re gonna kill anyone who’s about to make a hokey monologue. Jackson’s shocking death happens because the actor hated the multiple pages of bad dialogue he’d been given, so the director offered him a chance to die quicker. Jackson leaped at the “opportunity,” and the result is more memorable than the rest of the flick.

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