Risks Of Online Relationships » Dangers And Risks Of Online Relationships

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Risks Of Online Relationships » Dangers And Risks Of Online RelationshipsGetting a date takes a lot more than it actually appears to be. People like who are shy and introvert and who wish to have a girl/boy friend find this task equivalent to moving a big rock. But with the advancement in technology these things have become quite possible with the terminology called “Online Dating”.

Online dating is the new trend which has spread like a wild fire out there. It has become easy for people to communicate with each other and make friends through internet. Making it even more popular have come up some new sites which encourage online dating.

Young adults and teenagers sign up with these sites with the intention to find their desired partner. Facebook, orkut, twitter, myspace are few of those sites which are famous for social networking. Many people bond with each other especially those who are shy and scared to meet people personally. They are more comfortable with this medium. This seems to be a thrill to them. Meeting unknown people online, befriending them, chatting for longer hours and then getting into a relationship.

Risks Of Online Relationships

Seriously, this medium I personally find it very dangerous. People who are not aware of the cyber crimes become more vulnerable online. People whom they meet online are often frauds.

• They almost lie everything about them just to impress the other person. Its fun and thrill for the person who is deceiving someone else but it costs a lot to the person who is being deceived.

• The age, location, qualification or the picture of the person might be fake.

• Exchange of personal information like phone numbers, residential address, pictures etc takes place which in future becomes a problem to the one being cheated.

Risks Of Online Relationships » Dangers And Risks Of Online Relationships

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Many people have had their bad experiences through online dating. They have for sure become very alert and cautious but they have lost hope and trust in people offline also. People do not hesitate to lie and cheat now a days. A relationship based on lies do not last longer. Trust and faith is the core foundation of any relationship which offcourse is not something you would come across online.

1 out of 10 people are only lucky to have found their partner online who are real and trustworthy. If your desired partner has to reach you , he/she will reach you somehow , be it any medium. For that 1 person internet was the medium but it might not always be the case for everyone.

Young adults and teenagers need to be very careful before befriending anyone online. Add only those friends whom you personally know. There are some people who, like imposters are available online to cheat people and have their dose of fun.

Parents Of Young Teenagers Can Play A Vital Role In Protecting Their Children From Such Danger.

• Keep a watch on what your children do online.

• Educate them about the pros and cons of internet and the social networking sites.

• Place the computer somewhere in the house where you can always see what your children are doing online while you are at work.

Being safe is our right and choice as well. Its upto you whom you want to share your information with and whom you want to block. Have a safe chatting.

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