Rice Paper Omelette Recipe

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 Rice Paper Omelette Recipe

Now that you’ve chopped, cooked, and flipped, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Most omelettes are served folded over, but Olayinka says that you can serve this rice paper omelette folded in half or even open face, so it remains a circle of eggy goodness. 

As for seasonings, you’ve got quite a few options, depending largely on what strikes your fancy. Olayinka notes that “people usually put mayo and chili” atop their rice paper omelette, but feel free to use whatever sauces you like the best. If you’re going for a more substantial meal, she also recommends serving this with french fries — we certainly can’t argue with that!

Since this recipe makes only one serving, you probably aren’t going to end up with leftovers. If you’re not feeling up to a 4-egg omelette, share it with a friend!

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