Renesmee From Twilight Has Grown Up To Be A Bombshell

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 Renesmee From Twilight Has Grown Up To Be A Bombshell

Mackenzie Foy joined the entertainment industry pretty early in her life. “I started working when I was 3,” she explained to Refinery29, but it wasn’t on the big screen just yet. Foy landed her first role as a model in 2003, posing in subsequent photoshoots for Guess, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Garnet Hill.

While she was busy being seen in print and TV ads everywhere, she eventually was bitten by a vampire — er, we mean, the entertainment bug. However, even at an early age, Foy knew she wanted to eventually find herself in the film business. “I want to be a movie director when I grew up,” she revealed during a photo shoot for Gap when she was only 9 years old.

Foy has never known anything else other than the spotlight. Though she grew up with no other family members in the film industry, she was lucky enough to grow up in Los Angeles and was a local to the show business that surrounded her (via Breakfast Television Toronto). She also had some pretty supportive parents cheering on this aspiring child star. They were the ones who were constantly telling her, “Just work hard, and if you do that, you can achieve your goals,” she explained to The Young Folks.

Little did she know, her big break in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 would soon be coming. 

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