Princess Slave Loki Cosplay

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JaW Images Photography sent us this amazing Slave Leia / Loki mashup cosplay photoshoot and here's what she had to say about it...

One of the things I love about Cosplay Mash-ups are the creative ways Cosplayers combine the aesthetics of two different characters. The further apart these characters are in design, the more challenging and creative people get. I especially love seeing the Disney Princess/Slave Leia mash-ups when I go to conventions, and have even talked to one of my friends about collaborating on one for ourselves. Since I started shooting at conventions, Harley Kat Cosplay has become one of my favorite people to work with, so when she said she was working on a Loki/Slave Leia costume, I was beyond excited. The two of us made plans to shoot her in the costume on the weekend of the 2015 Comikaze Expo at the LA Convention Center.

As we had planned, Harley Kat and I met up at Comikaze and made plans to shoot her Slave Loki costume in the evening. When the sun goes down, all these beautiful, colored lights come on around the convention center. I wanted to take advantage of that, so I found a well lit spot, and shot using minimal amounts of flash. Harley Kat and I both loved the results and couldn't wait to share them.

�I started cosplaying in the summer of 2012. Since then I've created almost two dozen cosplays including recreating several original designs by various artists. So doing something a little outside the normal for a character is right up my alley. Plus with all the fabulous crossovers that have been happening it's hard not to be inspired to think outside the box. 2€ de descuento BP si eres de Vodafone

Slave Loki came about shortly after Wondercon 2015. Before Wondercon, I had been working on a larger set of horns for a Lady Loki cosplay. That particular set of horns didn't get finished in time and ended up sitting on top of my dress form for a little while, until I had time to come back to them.

During that down time, I ended up working on refitting my Slave Leia for a party I was attending. Now, most of the time my dress form turns into a �Well, that's just a little bit of everything you're working on� collection spot. Sometimes it gets confusing, but other times it works in my favor. Eventually, the Leia parts ended up on the dress form, too for safe keeping during the adjustments... And it was just one of those moments where I stepped back and knew that it was the crossover that I wanted to make happen. After that, it all just fell into place. :)� - Harley Kat Cosplay

Model: Harley Kat Cosplay

Bikini: Leia's Metal Bikini

Scepter: Eldritch Arts

Horns: Rae Niks

Photographer: JaW Images Photography

  • Princess Slave Loki Cosplay

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Princess Slave Loki Cosplay

JaW Images Photography sent us this amazing Slave Leia / Loki mashup cosplay photoshoot and here's what she had to say about it...




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Princess Slave Loki Cosplay

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