Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay

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Geek Girl UNIVERSEOF�LI looks wonderful cosplaying as her post-apocalyptic version of Snow White! Here's what she had to say about it...

"My all time favourite memory as a child was watching a recording of Radio City Music Hall's production of Snow White.� Luckily the whole show is up on youtube here.� I still to this day dream that I am Mary Jo Salerno, dancing and singing with all of the animals...maybe that's why I became an opera singer AND produce charity events raising money for animals! lol.� Fast forward to the present and facing the adversities of our modern only made sense to cosplay Snow White...but as a badass post-apocalyptic version.� This version's look was inspired by Tess Fowler's artwork and unlike the majority of my cosplays was made with clothes I had around the house and military gear from when I served.� I made some rips, added some 'dirt' paint, and layered things up and you have her!� I added some other touches like rosaries as well, as Snow White's story is riddled with Catholic symbolism.� This cosplay is one of my most comfortable and made travelling to England to Judge MCM Birmingham's Masquerade a few years ago, a snap!"

Model: Geek Girl UNIVERSEOF�LI - facebook

Inspired by: Tess Fowler's Post-Apocalyptic Disney Princesses Recetas de comidas rapidas y fáciles de preparar, con ingredientes ecónomicos y baratos Comidas rápidas

Photographers: Rajeeman Photography & Santiago Photography

  • Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay
  • Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay
  • Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay
  • Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay
  • Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay

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