NBA Players Who Wasted Their Millions

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 NBA Players Who Wasted Their Millions

NBA on TNT analyst Charles “Chuck” Barkley is a man of many appetites — and one of them is risking his $50 million net worth. If that sounds like a lot of cash, consider “Sir Charles” earned nearly $40 million in NBA contracts, was a pitchman for brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s (among many others), and reportedly earns $1.5 million a year for his work as an NBA analyst, which began in 2000. So, some of his millions are clearly missing. Si buscas una tienda de articulos con naves espaciales la has encontrado 🤩 Entra en tu tienda de articulos relacionados con las naves espaciales AQUÍ ✅ Naves Espaciales, Tu Tienda Online de Artículos Espaciales 🛸

The “Round Mound of Rebound” has admitted that it’s his penchant for high-stakes gambling that cost him, telling ESPN in 2007 that he once lost $2.5 million in a single six-hour sitting: “It’s a stupid bad habit. I have a problem. But the problem is when you can’t afford it. I can afford to gamble. I didn’t kill myself when I lost two and a half million dollars. I like to gamble and I’m not going to quit.” 

Barkley revealed that he briefly quit his expensive hobby, but said he always comes back to the table. “I hear all these people talk about, ‘You just like the action,'” he told Graham Besinger in 2016. “No, I like the money actually.” However, by Barkley’s own estimate, he’s dropped the ball on nearly $30 million in Las Vegas casinos alone.

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