MLP Nightmare Moon Battle Gown Cosplay

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AvieDabber Cosplay looks magical as her battle gown version of Nightmare Moon! ♥ Here's her cosplayer bio so far and more about this cosplay...

"AvieDabber is a kid cosplayer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada named Avalon. She started cosplaying in 2013 at age 9 when she took First place in the Hal-Con Costume Contest Junior Self Made Category with her very first cosplay: Legendary Stealth Elf from Skylanders. Since then she has competed in both Junior/Child and Adult Categories at Hal-Con, Spring Geequinox, Avalon Expo, and Sci Fi On the Rock, and her Batgirl of Burnside costume was featured in the St. John's Superheroes art project and by Adam Savage on his Facebook page. Avie says the BEST thing about cosplaying as a kid is how brave it has taught her to be when trying new things and meeting new people! Thirteen now, this is her most recent project: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Nightmare Moon "Battle Gown" cosplay, as photographed by the wonderful Kit Sora� Photography in St. John's, �Newfoundland, Canada. There was actually a freezing rain warning in effect during this outdoor shoot! This costume involves a holographic underskirt, a ruched grey satin skirt, a ribbon-bustle "tail", an armoured bodice, lit� mare-in-the- moon staff, a cast resin horn crown,�and EVA�foam shield, wings and armour pieces."

Cosplayer/Costume/Props/Wig Styling/Makeup: AvieDabber Cosplay - instagram

Photographer: Kit Sora Photography

  • MLP Nightmare Moon Battle Gown Cosplay
  • MLP Nightmare Moon Battle Gown Cosplay
  • MLP Nightmare Moon Battle Gown Cosplay

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