Martinique Island Travel

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Mountainous indented shoreline Martinique is a Caribbean Island and an overseas department of France in the Lesser Antilles. It is among the biggest of Windward Islands. It is located in the north east of Venezuela amidst the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. That is why it is also known as a breezy island with two unlike wind currents. Martinique Island Travel

In the south is Saint Lucia and in the north is Dominica, its important neighbours. It is northerly to Trinidad and Tobago. The Capital is Fort-de-France. The island has an area of 1102 square kilometres.

In the north, the wondrous and dramatic gorges, cliffs, and trails with lush green covering the mountainous landscape of mount Carbet and Pelee encloses a wide expanse of land where national park flourish and are visited by most tourists. The visitors go for trekking along the gushing rivers as they enjoy the natural flora and fauna.

The central region accommodates a third of the total population of the island in the two big towns of Fort de France the capital city and Le Lamentin. The southern region has sensational bays creeks and beaches as well as Mount Vauclin, a sleeping volcano. Most of the resorts exist here and tourists throng the place all the year round.

Some of the bigger cities here are Le Lamentin, Schoelcher and Sainte-Marie. The tourists are attracted to this small region because of its thrilling beaches and clean ocean water along with right temperature for tanning. All water related sports such as wind surfing, swimming, canoeing, boating, fishing, and canoeing are well organised. Non- sports enthusiasts can just laze around in the sun under the umbrella sipping rum punch.

Martinique Island Travel

The north side beaches dazzling even though the sand is black in colour due to long back volcanic eruption of Mount Pelee; St Pierre and Carbet are the most popular beaches here. The easterly beaches are with rough waters and the most enterprising dare practice sports here. Les Salines is the best beach in the region. The breeze is calm and the palm trees giving is an outline.

Martinique Island Travel

Diamond rock is situated a mile away from the land in the southwest region. The divers and sightseeing crowd patronize the place. The water is so clear that under Water Sea life is visible from far above. You can see corals, sponges, and fishes. Clement house is a photo gallery comprising of personalities in diverse fields. The night out visitors must see Boulevard Allegre. It has some of the best dance clubs, bars, and the scenery of river Madame.

Martinique Island Travel

The place is renowned for local rum. French, Indian, and African food is easily available throughout the island. Take long strolls, relax on the laid out benches, and eat drink and be happy.

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