Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands & Pictures of Solomon Islands

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The Marovo Lagoon is the largest lagoon in the world and is located in the Western Province, Solomon Island. The Marovo Lagoon is world’s finest barrier enclosed lagoon. On one side, it is bordered by the mysterious New Georgia and Vangunu Islands and on the other a double line of long barrier islands. This 700 square kilometer lagoon is sheltered by the two strings of long narrow islands.

Along with the reef, the low coral islands have sparkling white beaches offering scope for some great scuba diving experience in the passes and along the dropoff. Many small islands point the lagoons making it perfect for sea kayaking. The nearby islands of this lagoon, like Vangunu, Gatokae and New Georgia Islands, are volcanic islands with seaside mangroves backed with virgin rainforests. Picture Perfect!

Strung along the Njai Passage is the main gateway to the Marovo Lagoon. This links Marovo Lagoon to the Noro Lagoon. Many villages of the islands are dotted along the coast. Despite the sexy proportions of Lagoon, it is still far from being gin stained Endenic paradise. If you are new at Marovo Lagoon, Solomon islands, then you must know about the tidal graph.

This graph shows about the times of high and low tides for the Marovo Lagoon. You must know about the tidal position of 7 days and also about the current weather conditions with the 6 days marine forecast.

When you visit the Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, don’t worry about lodging. There are many traditional hotels and lodges available to make your stay a pleasant one. Most of the hotels and lodges are constructed and decorated with the sago palm leaves and the village sawn hardwood with the exotic timber and finest interior.

Many small eco-resorts are created around the Marovo and Nano Lagoons, Soimiro, Cheke, Batuna, Paeva, Mbili Passage, Charapoana and the Uepi islands, Mbareho, Michi, and Maticuri islands. Here local seafood is served in thatched accommodations.

Uepi Island is the most famousone, but the Vanua Raptiva near Michi and Winderness Lodge near Paeva are also well known. The woodcarvings of the Solomon island are famous therefore it is considered for the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.


Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands & Pictures of Solomon Islands

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