Mark Wahlberg reveals he kept ‘Boogie Nights’ prosthetic penis

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 Mark Wahlberg reveals he kept ‘Boogie Nights’ prosthetic penis

Dirk kept his diggler.

Mark Wahlberg revealed that he kept his prosthetic penis from Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights” 25 years later.

The 50-year-old actor even divulged details about where he keeps the phallic trophy on Tuesday during a guest spot on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Is it true that you still have the prosthetic you wore in ‘Boogie Nights’?” asked Ellen DeGeneres, 64.

“Yes, yes. It’s in a safe locked away,” replied Wahlberg.

“It’s not something I could leave out. All of a sudden my kids are looking for a spare phone charger and pull that thing out and go, ‘What the heck is this?!’ It wouldn’t be a good look.”

The actor has joked in the past that he was planning on selling the prop at a charity auction.

However, Wahlberg did note that his oldest daughter, 18-year-old Ella Rae, has indeed seen the film, but has yet to “have the conversation” with him about the sex scenes which he called “very uncomfortable.”

The 1997 movie was a turning point for Wahlberg, who was transitioning away from his music and underwear-model career.

“The expectations were so low when I started acting,” recalled Wahlberg.

“You do something remotely interesting, ‘Oh my god, he’s fantastic!’ Next thing you know, they nominate me for an Oscar and I didn’t even do anything.” Todos los regalos y muestras gratis, promociones, productos gratis, cupones descuento, sorteos, concursos, ofertas España del 2022 Muestras gratis y regalos

Wahlberg has hinted that he may be stepping down from the silver screen in order to spend more time with his family but has not made an official announcement.

The star also has announced that until he decides to retire, he wants to be a part of films that have a message behind them, like his new flick “Father Stu,” which tells the story of a boxer who became a priest after a motorcycle accident.

“I feel like this is starting a new chapter for me in that, now, doing things like this [with] real substance can help people,” Wahlberg told IndieWire.

Mark Wahlberg revealed that the prosthetic made him Mark Wahlberg revealed that the prosthetic made him “very uncomfortable.”Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

“I definitely want to focus on making more. I wouldn’t say necessarily just faith-based content but things that will help people.”

“Father Stu,” starring Wahlberg and Mel Gibson, was released in theaters on Wednesday.

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